Here’s a sneak peek at our games and stories!
Click on the photo to make the picture larger.

Click on the ‘ghost’ arrows to turn
the pages in the books. Choose which story
you want to read.

Literacy is one step closer with this catchy tune to show how to blend letters together to create syllables.

Enjoy singing the vowel song to the tune of the “Mexican Hat Dance” or Jarabe Tapatío from Mexico. ¡Olé!

Look, look what’s coming! It’s the parade of animals! Here come 31 friends to represent all the sounds of the Spanish letters.

Watch out! The letters connect to the animals with laser sounds!

The star information teaches literacy concepts. Look for them hidden in our rap game and books!

All the icons lead to games, songs and activities.

Learn the sounds of the Spanish language with this fun, interactive game!