About Us

Who We Are

Educators Bette Kish, a Bilingual Special Education teacher and Lori Morris, a Bilingual Elementary Teacher, have over 40 years of combined experience in the classroom. Teaching Bilingual students to read is where the first ideas for Lee con Ángel began.

They realized there was a need for a supplementary reading program to give students the opportunity to develop reading skills at their own pace. Since computers are so motivating, this program is sure to keep all students engaged while learning independently.

Bette Kish is the talented teacher who wrote all the lyrics and music for the songs in Lee Con Ángel. She was inspired by her special education students who loved to learn by working on the computer; yet there weren’t many programs appropriate for Spanish Speaking children who were learning to read in Spanish. That is how Lee con Ángel began.

Lori Morris has a love for Children’s Literature in Spanish. She has taught many children to learn to read in Spanish during her years teaching Bilingual first graders. She has written several stories in Spanish and English. She has also co-authored a book of ESL Lesson Plans with her mother who was a Bilingual Kindergarten teacher.